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Q. Do you find raising funds for your school difficult and time-consuming?
Q. Do you find that your bid proposals are often turned down?
Q. Are you unsure of where to turn next?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, your school could benefit from attending the PTP Consultancy's "Fundraising Masterclass for Schools" workshop.

The workshops, led by BOB JENNINGS OBE a former Teacher of the Year who has extensive experience in providing training to schools and local education authorities, will take place across the country.

Each Workshop will:

Allow you to discover the best methods of accessing funds for schools

Show you how to target your funding proposals and raise money from trust funds

Give you the opportunity to actually write real fundraising bids on the day, ready to be submitted

Provide you with the Top 10 proven tips for successful fundraising

Workshop Programme

Discovering your unique selling points

How to access funds for schools

25 of the best fundraising sources

Successful funding bids – case study evidence

Targeting groups in the community

Building funding partnerships

Preparing budgets and business planning

Joint funding submissions

Gaining charitable status

Raising money from trust funds

Practical bid writing exercise – write 2 bids

Top 10 tips for successful fundraising

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forthcoming regional workshops

Fundraising Masterclass

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